Sunday, August 30, 2009

Corbyn's Stroller!

Corbyn's new stroller--UPPAbaby Vista! Thanks so much, mom, dad, and Aunt Linda! We are so excited..we LOVE it! We will use the bassinet base in our room for the first few weeks (on a bassinet stand that we registered for), so it will have multiple purposes! The stroller also came with a regular seat for when Corbyn's gets a little older. So easy to use. Josie isn't too sure about it yet, though. I will get it out every now and then before the baby comes to get her used to it. Thanks again!!! It's perfect!

Go Hogs!

Just love my little Razorback fan! I'm seriously missing some Hog football games...will HAVE to make it home next year for one!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

28 weeks--3rd trimester!

We (or Matt) put up the nursery room curtains last night! I still need to iron and fix them..maybe with mom's help...but you get the idea. I'm now 28 1/2 weeks along! Corbyn decided that she needed a little attention a few weeks ago, so that's the reason for the delay in posts. It was quite scary actually. My regular monthly OB appt. revealed an irregular heartbeat, and I had to go straight to the hospital for testing and monitoring. We have been seen regularly by a fetal cardiologist and my OB for the past two weeks. We got some wonderful news at our last appt---her heart looks and sounds great now! They said that this can sometimes happen--an irregular fetal heartbeat that just goes away (the irregularity, not the heartbeat!)--and that there seems to be no explanation for it or long-term effects. The cardiologist ruled out any structural heart abnormalities (fabulous!) but said that she probably had a virus that would resolve on its own. I will have to go back a few more times just to make sure that she remains healthy. My doctors have been wonderful, and although all of the monitoring/testing has been scary, I'm thankful for their thoroughness and concern. I guess Corbyn just wanted to get us ready for the years of worry to come! :) She continues to move ALL the time, and it has become more difficult to sleep because of her movements and my back pain. Welcome to the 3rd trimester, huh?!? We so enjoy watching her move around, and we can't wait to meet her in November!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

25 weeks

Here you go, mom...another picture! Corbyn is growing and moving ALL the time now..keeps me up at night sometimes....guess she's getting me prepared for those sleepless nights ahead!