Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Corbyn at 10 weeks (and Josie at 3 years!)

Corbyn was weighed today at the New Mom's group and now weighs about 12lbs 9 oz...growing up like a big girl! And she rolled over to her right side several times today!!!! She's loving her side, and I think she will make the complete roll soon. Then she'll be all over the place before I know it! She is smiling so much and very alert and interactive these days. Matt left for his first work trip today since Corbyn's birth. He will be gone for an entire week! We will miss him terribly. We Skyped with him today, and Corbyn totally recognized his voice and face on the computer and was looking at him and smiling the entire time--too precious!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Corbyn 7-8 weeks old

Skyping with my family in Arkansas! Me and my girls! :)

Another baby carrier! Am loving my purple Mei Tai, too! So many carriers to choose from!
Got a smile while she was playing on her new activity mat! She loves the bright colors!
Getting ready to go on a long stroller walk with mom, dad, and Josie! All bundled up! Corbyn was so cozy she slept the whole time :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Corbyn's Newborn Photos

Pictures of Corbyn at ~2 weeks of age...such a cutie..and growing up too quickly!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Corbyn- about 7 weeks old!

Corbyn Paige is our perfect doll baby! Still sleeping 8-11 hours each night..we are so spoiled! Difficult delivery=easy baby is proving to be so true! She loves to be wrapped tightly in a swaddle when she goes to bed. Eats 4 ounces every 3 hours during the day and is growing too quickly! At our most recent pediatrician appointment last week, Corbyn weighed 10lb 10oz and was in the 50% for weight and head size and 75% for height. Just perfect! She loves car rides, the hairdryer, Moby wrap, bouncy seat, changing table, "airing out", dancing to country music, Pappy's singing (via Skype), and mornings! As wonderful as she does at night alone, she only likes to be held when she sleeps during the day...which is perfectly fine with me. I just love snuggling with her, as does Josie! Matt continues to surprise me at what an amazing father he is....seems so comfortable and I am always looking to him for advice and reassurance. He's fabulous with Corbyn. It just melts our hearts when she smiles at us, which is becoming more frequent! I am going to leave her for a few hours with her daycare/nanny next Friday so that they can meet each other before I start leaving Corbyn every week (so sad!!!). I haven't forgotten about birth announcements....will complete those shortly and get them sent out before her 1st birthday, promise! :)