Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nursery in the Works!

Matt painted Corbyn's room yesterday and I LOVE it!!! The colors look so great with the furniture, and will look even better with the bedding! Of course I will post a completed picture of the nursery once we have everything together--the crib, bedding, carpet, curtains, rocker, etc. Can't wait!

Ryan and Maureen's Wedding

We had a blast at Ryan and Maureen's wedding on Friday night! The Smith guys made us all laugh with their traditional "ass dance"--too funny!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Josie's New Bed

Josie loves her new bed! I got her this HUGE bed to hopefully encourage her to start sleeping on the floor--I figure in a couple of months, there won't be room for 3 of us in our of us will have to go! Seems to be working so far, she hasn't even wanted to sleep with us since her new bed!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

19 weeks

Josie is exhausted after her playtime with Corbyn's bear! Sorry mom...she had to claim some of the toys for herself! She just loves stuffed animals!
Almost to the half-way point of this crazy how time flies! I really do LOVE being pregnant! I can feel little Corbyn Paige moving now almost every day now! We had our monthly OB dr. appt. this past week, and everything seems to be progressing as should be expected. We have another ultrasound scheduled for July 8th---can't wait to see our little girl again soon! I still have major heartburn, which my dr. said would only get worse--fun, fun. The baby bedding has arrived, and we are going to buy some paint for the room today. I will post nursery pictures soon I hope!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trip home to Arkansas!

It was so nice going home and visiting with my family this past week! I miss everyone so much! We had just found out prior to our visit that we are having a baby my mom helped me announce this to everyone! My mom and dad planned a surprise "baby" party and all of my family came out to the lake to visit with Matt and me. It was so special! My mom's table decorations have always been a hit, but this one was extra fabulous! Thanks mom!!
17 weeks pregnant...with Matt on my parents porch.

The entire family...Thanks guys for coming out to visit! I loved spending time with all of you! Can't wait to introduce you to Corbyn during our next visit! :)