Sunday, March 28, 2010

Corbyn- 4 1/2 months!

More beautiful pictures of Corbyn Paige! She's the happiest little baby I know! :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Corbyn--4 months old!

On her way to the pediatrician!

Visit with Gigi, Pop, Uncle Brady, Aunt Kallie, and Aunt Shanny

She's getting so strong!

Reading with Aunt Kallie!


Watching NCAA with Pop

Dressed in her tutu for Emmie's princess party!

Doing much better with tummy time..thank goodness!

She just LOVES morning time!

We have had so much fun with Ganny this past weeks...lots of strolls and quality play time! (Pictures of ganny will be posted later when the "real" camera..versus the cell phone downloaded!). Corbyn really seems to know her Ganny now and smiles when she sees her or hears her voice. We will sure miss her!

Corbyn had her 4 month check-up and shots yesterday. She weighs exactly 15lbs and is in the 75% for weight, 50% for height/length (24 1/2 inches), and 75-90% for head size! Corbyn's health is great, and she's developing right on track. She started rolling (back to tummy on 3/11, and tummy to back on 3/13). She is better able to reach for and grab objects and wants everything to go in her mouth. According to the pediatrician, she has started teething...hence all the drool and soaked shirts! Corbyn plays with her tongue and sucks on her fists (almost just her thumb) all of the time now! She laughs and babbles a lot, too. While she still sleeps great at night, she only takes several short little naps (15-45 min) during the day...but hey, I'm not complaining! We were able to start solid taste trials today...sat her in her bumbo and had some tastes of rice cereal...with some grimacing faces (pictures will be posted later!). Too cute!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

4 months old!

Corbyn Paige is now 4 months old! She rolled over from back to tummy a few days ago and then from her tummy to her back yesterday. Such a big girl! She plays with her tongue a lot now and is making some consonant sounds...but still prefers 'agoo' and 'ga' sounds. Corbyn loves pulling on her toes, looking in the mirror, skyping with her grandparents, and dancing. She enjoys tummy time so much more now that she is able to hold her head up and look around. She is still sleeping about 11-12 hours each night, although we went for a few nights of midnight cries. We still swaddle Corbyn even though she wiggles her way out by morning time! She is still quite congested...I'm so ready for that spring-time weather to stay around!