Sunday, December 27, 2009

Corbyn's First Christmas!

We had an amazing first Christmas with Corbyn this year! Santa really treated her right! Matt and I made some fun memories with our little girl and will continue some of our family traditions with her over the years to come. After Skyping with the Corbins in Arkansas, we joined the Smiths for a delicious brunch and gift exchange. Corbyn will definitely cherish the many special gifts she received on her first Christmas, as will Matt and I. We are having so much fun with our little girl..she is just growing up way too fast already!!!! She's still such a good sleeper and enjoys music, dancing, baths and car rides. She also loves to visit new places and meet new people, although we're still keeping her close to home and familiar people during this cold, flu season. Although they have been cancelled over the holiday season, we enjoy our weekly stroller walks down to the square for the Mothering Together group on Tuesdays and Mother Goose on the Loose program on Thursdays. Gets us out and about and I love meeting new moms and babies in the neighborhood.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Corbyn's First Snow!

Corbyn's first snow was quite a big one...24-30"! We had a fun day snuggling up inside as a family for the day. We visited with family in Arkansas via Skype, baked cookies, and watched movies and football! Fun memories. Matt has been busy shoveling, as he is preparing to brave the weather to attend the Ravens game. Couldn't pay me to go in this weather! Josie enjoys the snow for a few minutes but then gets too cold and wants back inside.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Random Pics

I'm loving my new Moby wrap, as is Corbyn! It's great...she's happy and cozy, and I can get things done during her naps! She loves to be held and will only nap for about 15 minutes if I put her down somewhere during the day. She still sleeps fairly well at night, though, which is a blessing. Josie and Corbyn continue to enjoy their snuggle times....I think Josie feels a little left out when we use the Moby! I took Corbyn out all by myself today for the first time! We met Kallie and Rachel for a brief shopping outing! It went well, although I don't think I could've done it without their help once we all met up.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Corbyn Updates

Corbyn and Josie are best buds these days! They love to snuggle! Matt and I went out for the first time since Corbyn's soon, I know! We went to an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party at BJ's and Natalie's while Kallie babysat Corbyn. So fun, although we missed our little girl! Fran is going to babysit this Saturday while Matt and I go Christmas shopping. I have been going to weekly New Mom's group on the square with my neighbor, Kristen, the past few weeks. Corbyn and I have enjoyed meeting new moms and babies. We went to our first Mother Goose on the Loose baby storytime at the Canton library today; however, we didn't know that today was a special celebration for Hanakuh! We both learned a lot about the Jewish religion! Corbyn is still sleeping well at night...4-5 hour stretches. She seems to have some tummy trouble with feeds and gets quite gassy lately. That's about the only time she gets fussy. She loves being held and has enjoyed the new Moby wrap that I just purchased after a recent babywearing workshop. Corbyn is focusing on faces and objects more now...I can't wait until she starts smiling back!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Corbyn's Photo Session Pictures

Corbyn's recent photo session pictures are up on-line through Monday 12/7...go to the following site to check out the pictures. Absolutely adorable--it will be hard to pick what to order!

Friday, December 4, 2009

And the winner is......

I forgot to officially announce the winner of our family contest guessing Corbyn's date of birth and size. While no one guessed the exact date of birth (although Chad initially picked 11/13, but changed his guess after realizing it was Friday the 13th!), Ganny was almost exact with her guess of 7lb 8oz and 19 inches.....Corbyn was 7lb 8oz and 19.3 inches! Wow...congratulations Ganny! :)