Saturday, October 24, 2009

37-38 weeks

Getting bigger by the day I think...and getting more tired, sore and uncomfortable! But still loving this pregnancy! Have to continue my weekly hospital appts for heart monitoring, but it's only for a few more weeks. Only 1 more week left of work before Corbyn's arrival! I can't believe it! She is still moving all the time and seems to be trying to stretch out more, but there's just no room! I took Josie for her annual vet check-up this past week and we both got a little "lecture" for her weight gain...somebody around here has to gain some sympathy weight!! Matt has lost about as much weight as I've gained..just not right!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

36-37 weeks

Wow...I can't believe it's almost time for Corbyn's arrival! I think we're all ready for her! Matt and I go to an all-day Childbirth class tomorrow. Should be interesting! We went for a growth scan at the hospital this past Monday. She looks BIG and healthy! 811st percentile for overall growth..with a "nice big head"...ouch! Her heart has sounded regular these last few visits, but according to my OB, her history still makes it more likely that I will have a C-section. She said that it is hard to monitor the baby's heart throughout the delivery, so if they hear any irregular beats when I go into labor, they will go ahead and schedule a C-section. Anything to keep Corbyn safe and healthy! She moves all the time, and Matt and I enjoy watching these amazing movements. My last day at work will be October 30..just two more weeks! Hopefully she won't come until close to her due date (11/11/09) so that I have a few days to relax and finish preparing for her arrival. Mom and dad are coming up the beginning of November so that they can be here for the big day! Can't wait! Should be a few more posts before introducing Corbyn...but we'll see!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

35 weeks!

Now I"m almost 35 weeks pregnant! Matt and I just went out to dinner with some great friends for my birthday! I had a fabulous day and can't wait to celebrate Corbyn's birthday soon!
As for an update.... I am still going to weekly dr. appts to monitor Corbyn's heart...just twice a week now, though, instead of three times. I am having more backaches at night and heartburn/reflux after meals. It's getting harder to sleep so I'm more tired now during the day....but it's all worth it!!!! I can't believe it's only about a month away--wow. We have several classes scheduled for this month to get us prepared, including a breastfeeding class, baby basics class, and childbirth class. We should be all prepared for Corbyn's arrival!