Sunday, September 19, 2010

Corbyn 9 months

Corbyn is growing so fast! She is definitely developing her own cute personality and enjoys exploring and learning. She loves taking things apart, pulling items out of containers/baskets, looking at pictures in books, and taking baths. She produces more sounds now and uses gestures to sign "more, dog, eat, all done, milk, fish". Corbyn has also learned (not sure where from) how to shake her head (whole body actually) "no"--she will touch something that we have distracted her from previously, looks at us, and shakes her head 'no'. So darn sweet! And so smart! She loves watching her Signing Time video and you can see her soaking it all up! Corbyn has also enjoyed trying out all different kinds of foods. She is pulling herself up and trying to stand on her own, but no walking yet. Still HATES to get her diaper or clothes changed! Corbyn loves daycare and will often fuss when we come and pick her up! She has spent a few weekends with Gigi and Pop and loves her time with them. Aunt Kallie also helps us out A LOT--we so appreciate our family! Matt and I went out of town a few weeks ago for Natalie and BJ's wedding and had a fabulous time! Although we did miss our girls! Josie doesn't really care so much about Corbyn, but Corbyn LOVES watching and touching Josie. So cute! Her 9-month pediatrician appt. went well--50% for weight (20 lbs), 75% for height, and 90% for head!


  1. As usual, cute photos!! See you next week! I leave for OC in the morning!! Hooray!

  2. i LOVE the time i get with her!!! but i think i need even more since she cried when i picked her up from daycare today-that little stinker! she is too much!