Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Corbyn--10 months

Wow...10 months already?!? Where has time gone? Corbyn is now able to stand on her own briefly for a few seconds...she will be walking soon I'm sure! She says "do" for "dog" and "hi", and continues to use her signs. Corbyn loves looking at pictures, especially of herself. Her feelings get hurt pretty easily these days and she sure knows how to look pitiful when she wants something! She has 4 teeth and has been tolerating teething pretty well overall. Corbyn LOVES going to "school" and practically jumps out of my arms when we get there! She also loves her sleepovers with her Aunt Kallie, Aunt Shanny, and GiGi and Pop...boy, does she get lots of attention! Corbyn is eating a variety of foods these days and even gets "real" lunches packed for her for school! She's such a big girl!

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  1. Growing up way too fast, especially since we live miles and miles apart!! Can't wait to see all those antics with my own eyes. Won't be long now until you will be flying home! NO hurt feelings around here. :) Have the house all decorated with pumpkins, ghosts, black cats, scarecrows, skeletons, candy corn, pumpkin lights, mums, etc., in anticipation of Corbyn's arrival, plus a new toy here and there! We'll have a BIG time...XOXO